Merge TAR.GZ Archives in Java Programmatically


Java Compression Library Installation

  • You will see how to install this enterprise-level Java API.

Merge TAR.GZ Archives in Java - Code Sample

  • This part of the blog post is about developing a simple yet efficient TAR.GZ merger in Java programmatically.

Combine TAR.GZ Files - Online Tool

  • Likewise, you will also be taken to an online tool to merge TAR.GZ files.

In our previous blog posts, we have implemented the conversion and processing of archives using Aspose.ZIP for Java. This powerful Java library also offers methods and classes to merge compressed files programmatically. Therefore, in this guide, we will learn how to merge TAR.GZ archives in Java by writing a piece of Java code. However, you can customize the code snippet as per your requirements as there are a number of features available. So, let’s start and develop a TAR.GZ merger to automatically combine TAR.GZ files.

Java Compression Library Installation

First, download the JAR file here or follow the Maven configuration mentioned. Although this API is pretty easy to install and its installation does not depend on any third-party library.

Merge TAR.GZ Archives in Java - Code Sample

Next, you can start writing Java source code to invoke the methods exposed by Aspose.ZIP for Java. But before that, make sure you have the source TAR.GZ file to implement the feature.

You can follow the following steps and the code sample to combine TAR.GZ archives in Java programmatically:

  • Instantiate an instance of the TarArchive class.
  • Lopp through the TAR.GZ files.
  • Invoke the fromGZip method to extract the supplied GZIP archive and compose TarArchive from extracted data.
  • Now, loop through the entries of TarEntry type constituting the archive returned by the getEntries method.
  • Create entries within the archive by calling the createEntry method.
  • Call the saveGzipped method to save the merged file on the disk.

You can see the output in the image below:

Merge TAR.GZ Archives

Combine TAR.GZ Files - Online Tool

As discussed above, there is an online tool which is powered by Aspose.ZIP for Java. In addition, you can open this online application in any web browser since it is free so you do not need to avail any kind of subscription.

Combine TAR.GZ Files - Online Tool

Get a Free License

You can get a free temporary license to try this Java compression library without evaluation limitations.

Summing up

To sum up, we have gone through how to merge TAR.GZ archives in Java using Aspose.ZIP for Java. This Java compression library provides a wide range of features and provisions. In addition, we implemented the functionality to combine archive files programmatically. Further, the documentation, API references, and the Getting Started guide are the resources available to explore more. Lastly, is writing new articles. So, keep visiting for regular updates.

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